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Sydney, Australia to Ahmedabad, India flights from AU $ 668 on Thai Airways

Thai airways is offering cheap flight deal from Sydney, Australia to Ahmedabad, India. Price start from $679 on Skyscanner and $732 on

Sample Dates

Departure on 12/02/2020 – Return on 06/03/2020

Departure on 14/02/2020 – Return on 10/03/2020

Departure on 10/02/2020 – Return on 06/03/2020

And many more..

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Please click below to go to the page and book your flight from Sydney to Ahmedabad in $668 which sounds like a great deal for people travelling to Ahmedabad. This deal may not last too long as usual price between Sydney to Ahmedabad on full service airline is around $900-$1200. is also offering similar deal for same dates so you can try them also. One of the best highly recommended online travel company.

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